December 28, 2012

Growing Up Means (1)

Hey little dude,

I know that growing up seems awesome.

Daddy gets to stay up late, play violent video games, use power tools, etc.

But there are some AMAZING things you can do as a kid that you probably shouldn't do as an adult.

For example, look at how much fun the little boy in this video is having:

"Best Friends" - Video Courtesy of Justin Burrett

Growing up means you will go out of your way to not step in a puddle.

Try not to grow up too fast.  Puddles are awesome.


PS - just because puddles are awesome doesn't mean you should jump in them as an adult.  That's just weird.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Dear Mickey,

I still jump in puddles, but I suppose your definition of an "adult" should probably be called into question as you definitely are not an adult, so it's totally fine.