July 6, 2010

World's Worst Waldo

If you remember, Hide and Seek is one of Lil Sippy Cup's favorite games.

Fortunately for me, he isn't quite as good at it as he used to be.

Me: "Uhm, lil dude...where are you?"

Lil Sippy Cup (voice muffled): "I'm here!"

Me: "Where's 'here'?"

Lil Sippy Cup (voice still muffled): "I'm in the room! Haha!"

Me: "Ok.  What are you doing?"

Lil Sippy Cup (voice no longer muffled): "I'm hiding!"

Me: "Wait, we're playing hide and seek?"

Lil Sippy Cup (voice muffled): "I'm hiding under the blanket! On the bed!  Come find me!"

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