July 5, 2010

War Games

Perhaps one of the most basic rules of parenting is to never make idle threats.

I've learned this (as I have learned everything else on this adventure) through experience.

Like the other day when I found Lil Sippy Cup creating a 3D-masterpiece on the living room floor with sidewalk chalk.

Me: "I would really advise that you stop doing that."

Lil Sippy Cup continues drawing.

Me: "Ok, I see how you want to play this."

Lil Sippy Cup reaches for a new color of chalk.

Me: "Ok, I'm going to call Mommy."

Lil Sippy Cup looks up, cleans up his chalk, and walks away.

Me (raising my leg onto the couch a-la Captain Morgan): "Boom. Awesome points for me."

Lil Sippy Cup (walking with the house phone in his hands) :"Go ahead.  Call her.  Call Mommy."

Me (cornered and forced to call the M.O.M.) : "Oh boy...we've entered this phase have we?"

The M.O.M. answers. I hand Lil Sippy Cup the phone and ask him to explain to her what's going on.

Lil Sippy Cup: "I don't know Mommy, I was playing my art stuff like a good boy and then Daddy said I was in trouble."

Me (snatching phone): "No.  You don't understand.  I know he can play with his art stuff.  Wait.  No, that's not what I said.  Ok, it is what I said.  He was drawing on the floor!"


Diana said...

That boy is playin' you! LOL

Anonymous said...

I think that Sippy Cups is the smartest little boy ever. He must get it from his daddy. Good job Mr. Cufflinks!

Griz said...

ahaha this is great! its only going to get better as he gets older!