July 20, 2010

Thanks Dad

There comes a point in every father's life when the terrifying realization that he has become just like his own father dawns on him.

For me, it happened yesterday morning as we were walking down the hallway of our apartment building.

Me: "Dude, stop dragging your feet"

Lil Sippy Cup continues to drag his feet.

Me: "Seriously, pick up your feet while you're walking."

Lil Sippy Cup drags his feet harder.

Me: "Okay, if you don't stop dragging your feet you are going to ruin your new sneakers and then you won't have any sneakers to wear and then you are going to have to walk around barefoot and then your toes are going to fall off and then the police men are going to arrest you."

Just so you know, Sippy Cup has stopped dragging his feet.

This may or may not be entirely related to the traumatizing comments his father made yesterday morning.

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