July 14, 2010

3-for-1 Deal

This past weekend, Lil Sippy Cup was treated with a trip to the playground.

Since it was over 90 degrees outside, I figured the best playground to spend the afternoon in would be Andrew's Grove in Long Island City.

You see, Andrew's Grove is surrounded by several large trees which create an immense canopy of leaves.  This leaf canopy, in turn, provides an almost impenetrable shade in the entire play area.  So, a 90 degree day of torture magically turns into a 78 degree day of blissful fun.

Interestingly enough, this playground is also the only playground where I have seen other Dads alone and playing with their kids.  I am positive this is entirely related to the "Shady Canopy of Bliss" I just mentioned.

Apparently, I am not the only one who has figured out how to properly balance my hatred of heat with my love for my child.

More pictures after the jump.  Enjoy.

Lil Sippy Cup thought that it would be a good idea to start exercising
as soon as he got to the playground.

He soon learned the error of his ways and re-fueled like a champion.

Of course, Lil Sippy Cup grew bored of the shady, cool park and wanted to go exploring.
That's when we found this path right next to the playground...

...and discovered this awesome little area known as the LIC Community Garden.
It even had a bench specifically for little kids.
Lil Sippy Cup especially enjoyed the mini-bench.

The flowers held his attention for, roughly, 35 seconds. 
And then it was time to head back out into the sun.
Even in the heat, Lil Sippy Cup vigilantly watches for paparazzi.

As we were walking, I happened upon this dope little car antenna topper.

We continued walking until we reached Gantry Plaza State Park, home to incredible views of Manhattan and an entire playground devoted to rock and rope climbing. 

On a side note, I'd like to point out the little dude on the top, left-hand side of the following picture.
He climbed this entire structure in less than 10 seconds.

Little stranger dude, I am not sure who you are, but your complete disregard for your own personal safety and well-being as well as the safety and well-being of your lady guardian is both awe-inspiring and commendable.

Singing songs of praise, I pointed him out to Lil Sippy Cup.
Lil Sippy Cup pointed out the misty fountain area instead.

Faced with the choice of climbing an absurd rope-structure or splashing around in water, Lil Sippy Cup chose the water.
Not that I ever would...but there is no denying that he is my son.

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