May 22, 2010

What We Do Best

I am not sure if I have made this obvious by now but I love New York City.  A born-and-bred New Yorker who still lives here, in spite of the obvious expense, is a rare breed these days.  But we're a proud bunch and I intend to raise Lil Sippy Cup with the same sense of pride.

Yesterday, once again on a whim and motivated by the gorgeous weather, Lil Sippy Cup and I jumped on the train and traveled into the city.  We had no real destination in mind but, as expected, we were able to have an amazing time. 

We found a new playground (Vesuvio Playground), ate fresh fruit for lunch, got into a heated debate over what brand of water to drink and then read "Thomas and the Magic Railroad: Diesel 10 Means Trouble" together as a sign of renewed peace.

My words could never capture how important these moments are for me.  Actually, my photos probably can't either.  Nevertheless, there are more pictures after the jump.  Enjoy.

Vesuvio Playground met all of my requirements for an awesome playground. 
It was safe, it was clean, and it was free.

Plus, any playground that has ornate lion heads as part of their sprinkler system deserves a prize in my book.

Lil Sippy Cup doesn't really have the same standards that I do.  His only real requirement?  Space to run.

And he certainly did a lot of running.  A whole lot.

He eventually grew tired of running like a wild animal.  At that point, he requested my assistance at the swings.

He was a sweaty little mess.

While on the swing, the breeze helped him cool down.  It also made him sleepy.  And more than a little grumpy.

Note to self: the color of the water bottles' cap is not a vital piece of marketing but, rather, the method by which Lil Sippy Cup establishes value and preference in his beverage choices.  Do not disagree with him unless you are willing to deal with complete strangers judging you when he starts to cry.

After the water bottle meltdown, Lil Sippy Cup passed out and took a nap.  So I took advantage and enjoyed the silence while simulataneously discovering areas in the city I had never seen before.

Having graduated from NYU, I knew Minetta Lane only as that weird little street off of 6th avenue.

Yesterday, however, I found this door which, clearly, is the entrance to a metropolitan castle.  When the Terminators attack, I know where I'll be hiding.  And, since I just typed this on a computer and posted it on the Internet, so will they.

Feeling suddenly nostalgic, I worked my way over to Washington Square Park.

Where I found this guy who, by all accounts, has been doing weird and colorful way before hip-hop made it cool to be weird and colorful.

Only in New York could this guy earn a living just by existing.  I love this city.

Once again, we had an awesome day.  And, at the same time, in our own quiet way, we were able to prove to the world that you don't need to spend money to have a great time in New York.

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