May 30, 2010

Like a Beach Chair

Mr. Cufflink is not a big fan of holiday crowds.  However, he firmly believes that Lil Sippy Cup should not be forced to suffer for his father's lack of social skills.

In celebration of this fact, Lil Sippy Cup was treated with an unplanned and unexpected trip to Long Beach today.

Since dSLRs and sand do not play nice together, I used my point-and-shoot to document the day.

You know what else does not play nice together?  My skin and 5 hours of direct sunlight.  (For some reason, while adorning Lil Sippy Cup with several layers of Coppertone armor, it never occurred to me to apply some of the same protective measures to my own body.  But I digress.)

We had a great day.  Mostly because we got to play outside.  But also because I did not hit any traffic in either direction.

As usual, more pictures after the jump.

Like the song says " is like a beach chair..."
Or, in Lil Sippy Cup's case, a cartoon dinosaur beach chair.

Going to the beach is no excuse for sartorial laziness.

I'm not sure what the official term for this is. 
Lil Sippy Cup called it "Feet Surfing". 
Sounds about right.

Lil Sippy Cup and Mommy know how to play nice together.

Lil Sippy Cup and Mr. Cufflink, on the other hand, do not.

Like an intelligent human being, Lil Sippy Cup kept himself hydrated
throughout the day...

...but he may have spiked his own water bottle. 
He refused to take a breathalyzer.

Regardless of the fact that Mr. Cufflink turned himself into bacon
...we had an awesome day...

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