May 16, 2010

Block Party

One of the greatest benefits of living in New York City is that, during the summer, there are literally tons of free events held outdoors where you can soak in some sorely missed sunlight while simultaneously having a blast with your 3 year-old son.

Yesterday, Cafe Habana Outpost in Brooklyn, "New York's first eco-eatery", held a block party right outside of their restaurant on Fulton Street.  There was free live music, arts & crafts for the kids and, even though we didn't get a chance to try the food ourselves, I have heard nothing but positive reviews of the place.

Lil Sippy Cup is a devout balloonist.

There were tables of activities for the kids and even a Moon Bounce on the block

Lil Sippy Cup loves scissors.  I especially like them when they aren't sharp.

Biggest surprise for me?  Lil Sippy Cup sitting still for his body art session.

He chose both the design and location of his fake tattoo.  Clearly he's going to be a gangster insurance salesman.

Although we didn't eat at Cafe Habana, we did end up grabbing some lunch...

...with these awesome people...

...and then Lil Sippy Cup tried to steal her...

All in all, I could not have asked for a better way to spend a Saturday.


Unknown said...

that guy is HOT!

Anonymous said...

I've only been to the one in the city..always wanted to go to the one in bk..i'm jealous. lol
p.s.- when are we going to the Liberty Science Center? cuz if you go w/out me i will be very upset.

Griz said...

ummm ur new camera is awesome :) :)