May 15, 2010

Ghost Hunter

I am not a paranormal "believer".  Years of being a jaded New Yorker make me mistrust almost all factual evidence of anything.  I still think the microwave is the work of the devil and that gravity is just an extension of magic. 

Nevertheless, I enjoy those paranormal reality shows that pop up on the SciFi Network (SyFy is an absurd spelling, I'm sorry).  Their theories are interesting and their footage can be exciting and slightly convincing.

Why do I mention any of this?  Because I turned into a Ghost Buster the other night. 

As the alpha male of the house, one of my more menial responsibilities is to make sure all of the lights are turned off when we go to bed and that all the locks are securely locked on the front door.

The last light to be turned off is the living room light, whose switch is right next to the front door.

A few nights ago, I turned off the light and one of Lil Sippy Cup's toys made a noise.  It was the sound of a firetruck siren blaring and, since there was a toy firetruck on the dining room table and no actual emergency vehicles outside the window, I calmly assumed it was set off by coincidence.

The following night, I repeated my nightly routine, locked the door, and switched off the light.  The sirens went off again.  "Hmm, that's odd," I thought to myself.

The very next night, wash, rinse, repeat, the light goes off, the sirens blare and I go running into the bedroom at full-speed.

At this point, I start to create my own theory as to why the apartment is haunted by a deceased firefighter.  I blame several factors, including 9/11 and my son's obsession with firetrucks.

I resolve to bust this ghost on my own the next day and make a mental list of required items.  These include a cross-bow, Holy Water, a half-dollar, and a wire hanger.  Obviously, I don't really pay attention when I'm watching those shows but I was committed to protecting my family from the paranormal attacks we were enduring.

That same day, I also found Lil Sippy Cup playing with a toy puzzle.  Its a cute little wooden thing, with various trucks and vehicles on it.  Its pretty awesome because, when you place the correct piece on the appropriate image, the truck or car will beep its horn or the ambulance will sound its alarm or the firetruck will blare its siren...

And, just like that, the ghost was busted. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I had been preparing myself to wage war with a puzzle whose sound sensors are set off when covered by a puzzle piece.  Or when the lights go off.

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Diana said...

Way to go Sherlock!