May 2, 2010

Audience Participation

Let's try something different...

With this post, I am going to try and encourage some participation from you guys.

Here's the idea: suggest places where you think Lil Sippy Cup will have the time of his life.

That's it. 

Pretty simple huh?

Publish your ideas either in the comments section of this post or on the Facebook fan page.  You can also feel free to send us an email:

We'll take the suggestions and, time and weather permitting, we'll do our best to visit them one by one.

If this doesn't earn me an awesome room at the retirement home, I don't know what will.


GeeBee said...

i just want to shout out the liberty science center in nj again. i went thru the trouble of finding the website and everything:

seriously, make GIANT BUBBLES:

also, a ride on the staten island ferry is free, and my neices also find it amazing to be on a boat for any reason whatsoever. so that's always enjoyable.

i think i've used too much space on this already, but i have more ideas! thanks for allowing us to actively participate :) :)

Unknown said...

Bodies exhibit- come on "cool dad"

Anonymous said...

I am also voting for the Liberty Science Center!! but if you go I wanna go also!!! lol
Also, the Aquarium & the Zoo!!

Alex said...

Great Adventure is always fun, but super expensive. If you have the car, a trip out to Hershey Park is always tons of fun too. In the summer, if you want to come down to the shore on a weekend, I can arrange a shore excursion and also we can go canoeing, which would be fun not only for him, but for me when you break yourself.

Anonymous said...

Liberty Science Center!!

Madeline said...

Figure weather has been good so far this week. You should try the Brooklyn Children's museum. if your up for a drive head out to adventure land, i always loved that place. Kids just love to run and play. Take him to the pier by the pepsi sign, open grass, ducks, and a small jungle gym, he would love it.

Keep me updated :)