April 22, 2010

The Tangled Web

Lil Sippy Cup is a big fan of bath time.  Since he enjoys personal nudity to an embarrassing degree, I guess this shouldn't surprise me (bath time is the one occasion where I actually insist that he remove his clothes).

I've learned to keep the water level rather low after a wildly disastrous incident where I thought it would be a good idea to replicate a mini-pool in the bathtub.  In my defense, I thought a deep water level would make it more fun to play with his favorite bath toy, "Boatie", the speed boat.  Lil Sippy Cup, however, thought the deep water level meant that climbing onto the ledge of the bath tub to do a "splash down" (as he called it) was not only justified but required.  Lesson learned.

Nevertheless, even with the lowered water levels, Lil Sippy Cup has found a way to keep bath time interesting and, of course, mildly dangerous. 

Me: "Okay, bath time is over.  Let's get you out."

Lil Sippy Cup nods Yes.

Me: "Are you doing another silent protest?  Because, if you are, that's perfectly fine with me."

Lil Sippy Cup shakes his head No.

Me: "Wait a second.  Is your mouth full?"

Lil Sippy Cup nods Yes.

Me: "Dude, are you really drinking the bath water?!"

Lil Sippy Cup (swallows): "No."

And, with that conversation ladies and gentlemen, we have entered into a new stage of early childhood development. 

Lil Sippy Cup has discovered lying.

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