April 3, 2010

Lil Sippy Cup and the Bottle Caps

Lil Sippy Cup runs with a pretty tight crew.  I call them the Bottle Caps.

As the temperature continues to climb with the approaching summer months and, subsequently, as his play-date calendar becomes booked with appointments, I will begin introducing the various members of the squad.

Today's Bottle Caps: AJ (the muscle) and Jayden (the advisor).



In spite of the fact that they are all toddlers (or, perhaps, because they are toddlers), they each have a brutally honest approach to personal communication, a deeply-seeded sense of loyalty, and a true appreciation of mud and potato chips.  They're also really good at sharing which, as I have come to learn, is the foundation of any successful human being.

If the true measure of a man is the company that he keeps, then Lil Sippy Cup is obviously on his way to becoming a pretty amazing man.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS ONE :) not jus b/c it includes my nephew lol