April 1, 2010

Anakin and Shmi

So, remember the other day, how I tried to do Arts & Crafts with Lil Sippy Cup and it quickly morphed into a surprise gladiator attack?  (If you don't, it's ok; you can read the details here). 

Well, today, Lil Sippy Cup did some Arts & Crafts with mommy.  I sat back, a smug and confident smile on my face, quietly waiting for him to turn foam stickers into ninja stars.  I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when, after an hour or so of Jedi-like focus and concentration, they had created a genuine aquarium out of a plastic container, wire, and foam stickers.

You see, being a teacher, she knows all about these stores which are entirely dedicated to either (a) education, (b) arts/crafts/hobbies or (c) some combination of all of those things. 

Being a genius, she makes sure to buy supplies both for her classroom and for the house.

More importantly, being an amazing mom, she knows that all her 3 year-old son needs is positive reinforcement, motivation and love in order to complete any task confidently, successfully and non-violently.

And what did I do today?  I bought a cactus.

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