April 2, 2010

King Of His Hill

Having learned from our trip to the Museum of Natural History (as detailed here), we decided to take Lil Sippy Cup to the playground today.  I figured if a stupefying frozen whale couldn't impress him, then he should be in charge of his own entertainment from now on.

Of course, in classic Lil Sippy Cup fashion, he ran around the playground for a little while, simultaneously testing out both the jungle gym equipment and my reflexes.  However, he grew tired of that rather quickly.

His favorite part of the park?  This random little hill with a flag pole firmly cemented on its peak.

He, literally, ran up and down this hill, laughing and yelling, for 25 minutes straight.

The only other thing that captured his attention in the 55 acre park?  The water fountains of course.

In the end, I learned something really valuable.  No matter how far we may advance in our technological future, nothing will ever beat fresh-air, running around, and screaming like an absolute lunatic.

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Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful baby boy God Bless...