April 17, 2010

The Negotiator

As you all know, Lil Sippy Cup celebrated his 3rd birthday yesterday.

After an evening of having cake for dinner and gummy bears for dessert, bedtime was, to say the least, interesting.

Me: "Ok lil dude, time for bed."

Lil Sippy Cup: "Nope."

Me: "Oh, you must've thought this was up for debate.  I can appreciate your confusion."

Lil Sippy Cup: "Can I take one toy to my Big Boy Bed?"

Me: "No, I think you should focus on sleeping tonight."

Lil Sippy Cup: "Ok."

Me: "Thanks."

Lil Sippy Cup (smiling broadly): "How about 5 toys?"

His negotiating tactics are not that great.  Or maybe they're superb.  I guess it depends on your perspective. 

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