April 23, 2010

Natural Born Photog

Lil Sippy Cup has been a devoted fan of my digital camera since he was first able to control his hands in a civilized manner.  I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before...yes, I have.  Regardless, although it is a simple point-and-shoot, I try my best to keep it safe.  And by "safe", I mean "out of his hands".

Sometimes, I'll hear him rummaging through the drawers, then a few seconds of silence, followed by a few minutes of giggling after which he'll come running out of the room laughing maniacally.

That's when I'll go and make sure he hasn't started a fire under the bed or something equally as disastrous.  When there is nothing blatantly wrong under the bed or with the room in general, I'll check my camera. 

And that's when I'll find shots like these in there.

The bright side, of course, is that at the very least, he's kind of good at it.  And he knows how to put it in focus.

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