April 8, 2013

Rock. Paper. Scissor. Shoot. (Part Fizzle)

Sippy Cup (sitting across from his mother at the dinner table): "Guess what time it is? It's time to play 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'!"

M.O.M.: "Ok.  But I think I'm fully prepared for this round.  I have bullet-proof vests and RPGs too!"

Sippy Cup: "Ha! Ok! Let's do this!"

Round 1

Sippy Cup: Rock

M.O.M: Paper

M.O.M: "Boom. I win Round 1!"

Round 2

Sippy Cup: Scissor

M.O.M.: Rock

M.O.M. (smiling): "I'm on a roll!"

Sippy Cup (brow furrowed in concentration)

Round 3

Sippy Cup: Karate-chop hand

M.O.M.: Paper

Sippy Cup: "Ha! I win!"

M.O.M.: "Again with the new weapons? What was that?"

Sippy Cup (smiling): "A knife!"

Me: "Faaaaaaantastic."

M.O.M. (turning to me and then back to him): "Uncle Anthony again?"

Sippy Cup (laughing maniacally): "I AM THE BEST! I AM THE BEST!"

Princess Teacup (pumping her fists): "Best! Best! Best! Nana?"

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