April 10, 2013

Last Night in the Cufflinks' Household

8:30pm - Bedtime for Sippy Cup.

8:45pm - Bedtime for Princess Teacup.

9:00pm - Bedtime for the M.O.M.

11:00pm - Bedtime for Mr. Cufflinks.

1:38am - Princess Teacup shouts out for "Daeee!"  Mr. Cufflinks checks on her.  She is perfectly ok.  She even tucks herself back into bed once she sees his head in the door.

2:42am - Sippy Cup enters the master bedroom, whimpering.  Mr. Cufflinks asks his beloved son "What's wrong champ?" Sippy Cup responds that his "..back is itchy."  After explaining to him what physical ailments constitute emergencies and justify tears, Mr. Cufflinks scratches his back and he scampers back to bed.

3:03am - Sippy Cup re-enters the master bedroom, whimpering.  Mr. Cufflinks informs him that his "...back better not be itchy..."  Sippy Cup decides to walk over to his mother's side of the bed and tell her that his legs hurt again.

3:14am - Princess Teacup wakes up again.  The M.O.M. and Mr. Cufflinks try their best to ignore her pleas.  She escalates and tosses everything in her crib out of her crib.  The M.O.M. checks on her and she calmly tucks herself back into bed when she sees her mother's head in the door.  Mr. Cufflinks is convinced Princess Teacup has conveniently forgotten that she has already verified object permanence through marathon sessions of "Peek-A-Boo".

3:38am - Sippy Cup can be heard crying in his sleep.  Mr. Cufflinks goes in to check on him.  He is sound asleep.  Thinking that his son may be having a nightmare, Mr. Cufflinks wakes him up.  Sippy Cup informs Mr. Cufflinks that he is"...sleeping..." and rudely asks "Why are you shaking me?!"

4:08am - Sippy Cup sneaks into the master bedroom and asks for a glass of water.

4:48am - Sippy Cup re-enters the master bedroom to announce that his birthday is just a few days away and that the lack of any hidden presents in the house is troubling.  Mr. Cufflinks tucks him back into bed.

4:50am - The M.O.M. wakes up to get ready for work.

5:02am - While the M.O.M. is in the shower, Princess Teacup has decided that she has had enough of sleeping in her crib and demands that Mr. Cufflinks take her to his bed.

5:17am - The M.O.M. kisses Mr. Cufflinks goodbye.  This is their sole moment of daily intimacy.

6:42am - Sippy Cup has discovered that his sister is in the "big bed" and climbs into the master bed, kicking him in the shin in the process.

6:45am - Mr. Cufflink wakes up to get ready for work, leaving his two beautiful monsters comfortably asleep in his bed.

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aurelie said...

They won't let you have a 3rd baby. (just saying lol)