April 17, 2013

Recycling Masks

Me: "Hey little dude.  How was school today?"

Sippy Cup: "It was fine.  We learned about recycling."

Me: "That's cool.  So, tell me, what's recycling?"

Sippy Cup: "Uhm, well, recycling is when you take something that you were going to throw away and turn it into something new."

Me: "That sounds about right."

Sippy Cup (grabs a marker and starts drawing on the back of his empty juice box): "Like, see this juice box?  It's empty.  But it's not garbage anymore."

Me: "Oh really? What is it now?"

Sippy Cup (turns it around so I can see the smiley face he drew on it): "Now it's a mask!"

Me: "Uhm. I'm not sure you understand how recycling works."

Sippy Cup: "And I'm not sure you understand how masks work."

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