April 19, 2013

Party Training

Me (calling out from the bedroom): "Hey little girl!"

Princess Teacup (calling out from the living room): "Daee! What want?"

Me: "I want you to come here so that I can change your diaper."

Princess Teacup (running into the bedroom) :"Kaaay! Hi Daee!"

Me: "Hi baby.  Come here."

Princess Teacup (pointing to her diaper): "I pee! I pee Daee!"

Me (picking her up so that I can lay her down on the bed): "Yes, I know.  And it sounds like you're ready for potty training!"

Princess Teacup (both arms in the air): "Yay!"

Me (smiling): "Aww! That's so cute! You're excited abo-"

Princess Teacup (pumping both fists): "Party! Party! Party!"

Me: "No love, I said 'potty'! Not par-"

Sippy Cup (running into the room): "Did someone say 'Party'?"

Princess Teacup (jumping on the bed): "Party! Party! Party!"

Sippy Cup (dancing next to the bed): "Party! Party! Party!"

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