January 27, 2011

A Pocket Full of Cold

Earlier today, I had to go dig out the car from underneath the 2 feet of snow Mother Nature graced us with last night.

Lil Sippy Cup decided he wanted to come along to help.

I indulged his request, not really anticipating that he would be of any worthwhile assistance.

After a few minutes of moving small boulders of snow and digging through piles of drift like a gopher, Lil Sippy Cup decided that his energy would be better spent throwing snowballs at me.

Being a mature adult (with several professional snowball fights under my belt), I promptly shoveled a huge pile of snow and dumped it on his head.  Then I returned to work.

Without making a single sound and re-stepping in his tracks so as to not create new prints, Lil Sippy Cup snuck up on me and placed a small fistful of snow in my coat pocket.

I am not sure what surprised me more: the fact that he came up with this idea completely on his own.

Or the fact that he is, quite obviously, a trained assassin.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

member our snowball fight in Wash Sq Park back in the snow of '03?!