January 20, 2011

Dino Cups

Me: "Little dude, I want to talk to you about dinosaurs."

Sippy Cup: "Like brachiosaurus?"

Me: "Right.  I don't want you to be scared of....wait...what did you just say?"

Sippy Cup: "Brachiosaurus."

Me: "What...the..."

Sippy Cup: "It's a really big dinosaur.  It's huge!  Bigger than a building!  And it eats plants. 
So I'm not scared of it."

Me: "Where in the world did you learn that?"

Sippy Cup: "On Dino Dan."

Me: "Well then, clearly, my job is done.  Thank you Dino Dan."

Sippy Cup: "You're welcome."


Anonymous said...

You have a little genius in your hands. God bless him

Griz said...

Hilarious! Keep bringing in the stories. And I miss the comic strips-- maybe save a really good story for one :) :)

Varinia said...

Dino Dan is awesome! Especially since he seems to be the only person who DOESN'T know that a T-Rex is NOT a cute and cuddly creature...