January 21, 2011

Brothers and Sons

Me: "Hey, little dude, come here."

Sippy Cup: "What's up bro?"

Me: "Ok, actually, it's Daddy."

Sippy Cup: "Ok."

Me: "So, try it again."

Sippy Cup: "Try what?"

Me: "When I call you over here, what are you supposed to say?"

Sippy Cup: "I'm coming?"

Me: "Well, yes, but what are you supposed to call me?"

Sippy Cup: "Call you?  Like on a phone?  I don't have a phone.  Did you buy me a phone? 
Where is it?  Does it look like yours?  Does it take pictures?"

Me: "Daddy, you're supposed to call me Daddy."

Sippy Cup: "Ohhh, ok!  Now give me my phone bro."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So funny. But I think you might as well give up. You are not going to win.