January 18, 2011

Sippy Cup, D.D.S

Me: "Dude, you need to go brush your teeth."

Sippy Cup: "No thank you."

Me: "Ok, fine, don't brush your teeth.  Then your teeth are going to get covered with germs. 
And then they're going to fall out."

Sippy Cup: "That's fine."

Me: "Oh really?  You don't want any teeth?"

Sippy Cup: "I'll have teeth.  My big boy teeth.  When these little ones fall out, my big boy teeth will come down.  I'll brush those."

Me (silent stare)

Sippy Cup: "Fine! I'll go brush these little baby teeth for no reason!"


Anonymous said...

Little Sippy Cups is a smart and hilarious little boy. Don't stop with the postings love them.

Anonymous said...

He has about convinced me he is right.He is a smart little boy.

Unknown said...