March 28, 2010

Weekend Witness Protection Program

Sometimes, I am just a witness to the adventures. 

On the weekends, my son likes to take advantage of his mother's presence and make her privy to his newest interests, latest scabs, and various opinions.  Being a teacher, she knows how to actively channel his energy into productive outlets and he enjoys these activities immensely.  She'll count with him, read to him, play his board games with him and he is, generally, an amiable and enthusiastic participant.

Usually, I watch them when they're playing together, feeling happy and proud but, at the same time, confused, wondering where the weekday terrorist I've come to know and love has disappeared to.

That's why it is so awesome when, finally, he reappears.

Like today, for example.  Here is a transcript of the dialogue that just took place.

Lil Sippy Cup (shouting, from the bathroom): "Ma! Mom! Mommy!"

Mommy: "What is it baby?"

Lil Sippy Cup (giggling): "You've got to come and see this!"

Now, as I watch her walking back and forth from the kitchen with handfuls of paper towels, a bucket, and a mop, I realize that being a witness to his adventures is safer, a whole lot more enjoyable and it sometimes means I won't have to clean up pee from the bathroom floor.

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