March 25, 2010

Diner Surprise

This morning, as a treat, my son and I went to the diner to eat breakfast.  He behaved like a perfect little gentleman, sitting quietly in the booth and coloring while we waited for our order of silver dollar pancakes.  On our way out, he even charmed his way into a lollipop from the hostess when we paid our bill.  I was very proud of him. 

When we got home, as I was getting him undressed and thanking him for being so awesome, I found a fork from the diner in his jacket pocket.  Why did he take the fork?  I'm not sure.  But I hope you understand why I'll be frisking him whenever we leave restaurants.

Studying the menu

Keeping busy

Pancakes + Apple Juice = Happy Toddler

Plotting his caper


Unknown said...

He probably mistook the fork for a crayon- an honest mistake.

Anonymous said...

omg..I just read this at work..and bursted out laughing!..
Marcus is too much! lol
-Mayra..i neeed to open a gmail account to comment.

Jeff Catano said...

Don't you know that's one of the perks of having children. They accidently "borrow" things from stores and restaurants. Kids get away with murder and they don't even realize it... or do they? lol

Unknown said...

Well... Now I'm wondering.. would you second thought frisking him walking out of a bank... the kid has more money than any other usual kid!