March 26, 2010

The Arts & Crafts of War

As I was cleaning up the kitchen, I came upon an empty container of orange juice and an empty plastic bottle of soda.  In an effort to make his days more engaging and educational, I thought it might be a good idea to put these items to good use by sitting down with my son for some "Arts & Crafts" time.  I took out the safety scissors, glue sticks, several sheets of colorful construction paper and his crayons, thinking to myself "You're an awesome dad".

As I sat staring at the orange juice container, wondering how I could turn it into a bird feeder or a basket of yarn or something, I saw my son grab the plastic bottle of soda and turn it upside-down.  He then adjusted his grip on the bottle neck and, while looking at me directly in the eyes, popped me on the head with it.  Twice.

Stunned, but laughing, I shouted "Dude!  What did you do that for?" 

That's when he explained to me that he had made a "sword".

A clever sense of imagination is a dangerous thing in the hands of a 3 year-old.

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