March 31, 2010

Museum Trip

To further advance our cause that we are, indeed, pretty great parents, we took Lil Sippy Cup to the Museum of Natural History today.

Walking among the various fossilized remains and doing my best to avoid the terrifying Blue Whale exhibit, I was lost in a swirl of memories, vividly remembering my previous trips through these same halls.

I was in a deeply pensive mood and, looking down at my son, hoping to share this tender moment with him, imagining that one day he'd be able to do this with his own son, I quickly realized that he was bored out of his mind and desperately trying to free his hand so that he could run away.

I tried my best to astonish him with the sheer awesomeness surrounding him, pointing out the sharks, turtles, elephants and dinosaurs that were encircling us.  His reaction was, to say the least, a bit underwhelming.

Soon after, however, I was able to find 3 distinct things that did astound him. 

I present these to you, in ascending order of preference, as announced by Lil Sippy Cup himself on the ride home:

3. "The window"

2. "The movie theater"

1. "The water"

Sometimes, the hardest part about being a parent is knowing when your child will be more impressed by a water fountain than by a billion year-old bird dragon. 

Overall though, it was a pretty awesome day...


Unknown said...

You know- my initial thoughts would be the same- I've had to take my high school kids to that museum many a time and their excitement goes about as far as their ability to throw a chair at my head (they're weak punks)- go for the queens hall of science or maybe Sony wonder- ooooh, the bodies exhibit- yeaaaaa that would really tickle lil sippy cup's interest.

Griz said...

i agree with the above, the nat sci is interesting but not too interactive. i remember the liberty science center in jersey being the most awesome museum ever when i was a kid, i highly recommend it (if it still exists).

meliespy said...

Reading your blog made me go back in time to the first time I remember going to a museum. I'm not sure if my parents had taken me as a kid. But the first time I remember going to a museum (Museum of Natural History) was either in the 3rd or 4th grade. I remember walking around and not really enjoying most of it. I enjoyed the dinosaurs and some of the exhibits...but overall, I remember enjoying the ride back on the bus w/ my friends. Haha...terrible, isn't it?

One place that I truly enjoyed going to (probably sometime in 93' or 94') was the Liberty Science Center. It was awesome back then...and i'm pretty sure it's even better now.

Take Marcos there sometime...if it's as cool as it was back then...he'll really enjoy it.

meliespy said...

on second thought...wait til Marcos is about 5 y/o...haha.

Take him to the aquarium or the Bronx zoo...if he hasn't already been there! Those are def. places to check out as a kid! :0)

Keep it up...lil sippy cup is adorable! I love the pics! :0)