March 29, 2010

Side Quests

Let's start with a simple fact: I have no professional experience in the world of fashion.

What I do have, nevertheless, is a sincere appreciation of clothes that has developed through years of experimenting with my own personal style.

Now, as a dad, my style continues to evolve; sometimes through an actual, pragmatic need, like learning that your toddler will not only make a complete and utter mess of his own clothes but will include your outfit in the mayhem as well.  Other times, it comes through the realization that, while certain items are beautifully tailored and impeccably hand-crafted, paying $500 for anything that does not play a Blu-Ray movie is no longer economically sensible for me.

Either way, when my son was born, I made a promise to myself (and to those who choose to keep me in their entourages) that I would not become one of those dads that just seems to "give up" on making any kind of presentable appearance because, quite frankly, he has already successfully mated with the opposite sex and, therefore, all of his biological goals have been accomplished.

Does this mean I wear tailored suits to the playground?  Of course not.  Does this mean that I never wear sweat pants?  Of course not.  Does this mean I shop carefully?  Looking at stitching details while taking into consideration things like cut, fit, materials used, patterns and colors?  You're getting warmer. 

While the suggestions I make will come from personal experience, I would like to say that these suggestions and pieces of unprofessional advice are not just for "dads".  I think men of all ages and varying paternal responsibilities will be able to appreciate what I have to say.

With all of that in mind, stay tuned for my first review, which will be posted later today.

And no worries, as promised when I first started writing, Lil Sippy Cup will continue to take up the majority of my time and, therefore, of my posts.  He wouldn't have it any other way.  And, quite frankly, neither would I.

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