July 15, 2013

The Good Men Project (2)

In a bit of decidedly unexpected (but exciting) news, I am happy to announce that I am an official Staff Writer for The Good Men Project.

This will afford me the opportunity to submit longer articles about the realities of modern parenthood while saving all of the everyday madness and lunacy of our "life-at-home" stories for the Sippy Cups and Cufflinks site.

Please stay tuned to both sites for more of my awesome Internetz words.

- Mr. Cufflinks

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mr. Cufflinks. I'm really proud of you, what you are doing and how far the site has come. Keep it up! Who knows, a book may be next! I may not comment all the time on the site but the stories make me laugh each and every time I need a pick-me-up

Your awesome and amazing big sister