July 19, 2013

The Creative Block

Some of you may have noticed that we have an amazing new banner image (see above right) on the site.

And (if you are long-time fans) you will recognize that it was drawn by our resident creative genius, Jonathan Mejia.

Since he is my cousin, I am sure you will make the logical assumption that my opinion of his talent is slightly biased; however, you would be wrong.  My opinion of Jonathan is based on fact.  His talent is other-worldly.

People often tell me that my writing is "...amazing..." and "...impressive..." and "...so funny I laughed until my stomach hurt! Why don't you have a book deal?!" (When you tell yourself these things, while doing a Stuart Smalley-style daily affirmation, it still counts...right?)  However, Jon's artistic talent is truly mind-blowing.

I just put words together and, sometimes, they're funny or poignant or delicious.  By comparison, this man actually creates things, completely out of thin air!  He takes a blank sheet of paper, thinks of something and then--BOOM--it's on the page.  I don't create words; I mean, I could, but then it wouldn't make any kind of sensification.  See what I mean?

Anyway, Jon has a new website: The Creative Block.

Click the link and visit his personal site so that you too can view his work, recognize his inherent skill and hire him for all of your drawing, cartooning and graphic design needs.

I am so incredibly proud of him; click on The Creative Block and you'll see why.

It will be the most bodastical thingnizzle you do today.

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