April 20, 2011

Super Hero Birthday Party

This past weekend, Sippy Cup celebrated his 4th birthday in grand style at Long Island City Kids Gym.

The kids played, the parents ate and everyone sang songs of praise and glory.

Or maybe it was just "Happy Birthday".

Either way, it was a blast.

As promised, here are some pictures chronicling the event.  Follow the jump for even more fun.

What happens when your parents have been practicing their fondant skills?
You get an awesome, personalized Super Hero cake, that's what.

And what happens when your M.O.M. never sleeps?
You and your friends get awesome, personalized superhero capes.

A special thank you to Jonathan Mejia for designing the city skyline we pasted on each lunch box.

Gymnastics bars are fun to swing on.

And to fall from.

Even the littlest of dudes had a good time.

Another special thank you to Uncle Anthony.
The only man with enough energy and enough patience to supervise all of the gym time madness.
We would not have survived the day without his help.

The kids were extremely appreciative of his efforts.

Super Nathalia.  Her super power? 
She'll melt you with this smile.

After running around for an hour, it was time for everyone to eat.

These capes were such a good idea. 
Good job M.O.M.

Super AJ.  His super power is strength.
Seriously.  He wrestles with his dad.  And wins.
FYI: his dad is a construction worker.

Like most times when children eat, the parents had to get involved.
It was organized chaos.

Super Chase.  His super power is dancing. 
Or stomping.  But only if you're evil.

Super Isaiah.  He protects his sister (Super Nathalia) with his super strength.
Between him and Super AJ, it's hard to tell who is stronger.
Either way, small children shouldn't be stronger than adult males.
It's disturbing.  Seriously.

Super Jaelyn.  She'll disarm you with her cuteness.
But then she turns into a monster and eats you alive.
I don't know what to call that super power.

Songs of praise and glory and the requisite sacrificing of the wax effigies.

These two, like all best-friends, speak their own language and laugh at their own inside jokes.

Even though I don't speak their language,
I'm pretty sure they were trying to smash each other's faces so that they could spit out cake.

Did I mention that Super Chase can fly?
Because he can.

And at the end of it all?
Awesome presents.

Thank you to everyone who came to the party.  We had a blast.


Anonymous said...

Itemized Praise:
1) the party looked amazing! maybe you and M.O.M should do event planning as well
2) that cake is incredible as well!
3) so glad that you continue to share this journey with us!! i have hooked my sister onto your blog as well :) :)

Anonymous said...

Now that was a party!

ElizTalks said...

are you selling those cakes! that party looked amazing, very creative & different!!