June 5, 2010

Saturday Morning Cartoon

(click image for larger version)

* Editor's Note: J. Mejia is a Beer Mug and Mr. Cufflink's cousin.  He is an amazing cartoonist, illustrator, artist, and whatever other title you may want to bestow upon him. This will not be the last time you hear of him or see his work.

** Editor's 2nd Note: Yep, this is our 100th post.  Thanks for the support.  Hope you stick around for the rest of the ride.


Griz said...

omg is this gonna be a regular segment? can we request favorite posts we want to see in comic form? I'M TOO EXCITED!! great job, jon!

Anonymous said...

Looks good..Congrats on the 100th post.
Keep it up Mick! I read your blog everyday..and look forward to many more adventures that always crack me up..

Jeff Catano said...

Congrats man. I read your blog religiously. Keep up the great work super dad.

Unknown said...

woohoo!! congratulations...throwing confetti and sending Aloha. Love the comic. Keep making my day. I insist.

Griz said...

first off, im honored :) :)

after going through every entry, some more than once, i have decided that the recent entry titled, "Captain Obvious" would be best suited for a follow-up. it's got potential for a follow-up and perfect natural kind of comedic timing (i laugh out loud every time i read it). i hope you accept and agree.

can't wait! :-D :-D

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this blog. You are an amazing dad you are doing an amazing job raising Lil Sippycup

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!! love the blog... i read it everyday and it puts a smile on my face everytime!!