April 12, 2011

Sippy Cup Sold Dreams

Recently, Lil Sippy Cup magically transformed one of his toy play sets into an entrepreneurial enterprise. 

I thought it was a fantastic opportunity for him to practice some basic math skills. 

As with everything I plan, I ended up being taught the lesson and not the other way around.

Sippy Cup: "Dad!  Come to my bodega!"

Me: "Oh, this is a bodega?  I thought it was a castle?"

Sippy Cup: "No, see, I have a potato, an apple, a banana, a piece of bread, some chocolate and some candy.  Oh and a cell phone!"

Me: "Ok, I don't want to know where you found that cell phone. 
Speaking of which, how much is the cell phone?"

Sippy Cup: "The phone is $1 dollar!"

Me: "Oh, wow, that must be an amazing phone.  So how much is the bread?"

Sippy Cup: "The bread is $2 dollars!"

Me: "Wait a second?  In your store, a phone is $1 dollar but bread is $2 dollars?  That's ridiculous!"

Sippy Cup: "No it isn't!"

Me: "Good response.  So how much is this candy?"

Sippy Cup: "Oh, that's $35 dollars!"

Me: "$35 dollars!  That's absurd!"

Sippy Cup: "No it isn't!  I like that candy!"

Me: "So your pricing scheme is based on the personal value you've attached to the items?"

Sippy Cup: "I love candy!"

Me: "Clearly.  You do realize that you are capitalizing on the current economic situation
in this apartment and have created a monopoly?"

Sippy Cup: "I know that!  It's my bodega!  Soooooo...are you going to buy something or not?"

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Anonymous said...

Cufflinks, I had to laugh. You are right, he did it to you again.Of course you always have tomorrow.But don't get your hopes up He seems to come out ahead about every day.Actually, that is because he is a very smart boy.