April 8, 2011

Brain Teasers

Me: "Alright little dude, let's do some school work."

Sippy Cup: "Nah, I want to watch some cartoons."

Me: "Dude, you've been watching TV all morning.  That's not cool."

Sippy Cup: "You're crazy.  Cartoons are great."

Me: "They are.  But too much TV isn't good for you either.  If you don't do school work, your brain won't get any exercise and then it'll get fat and mushy and slide out of your ears."

Sippy Cup (eyes wide with terror): "WHAT?!"

Me: "Yep.  Your brain will, literally, slide right out of your ears."

Sippy Cup (head sideways, jumping up and down, tapping his ear as if he has water stuck in it)

Me: "Uhm, what are you doing?"

Sippy Cup: "I want to see if my brain slides out!"

Me (sighing): "Fantastic.  Grab your book bag when your done."

Sippy Cup (still jumping): "I'm going to grab it!  When it slides out! 
I'm gonna grab it and push it back in!"

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Alex said...

Sippy Cups - 273 - Cufflinks - 0