April 18, 2011

Thank You

As you all know, Sippy Cup celebrated his 4th birthday this past weekend and, while I will get to the pictures documenting all of the shenanigans later this week, I feel it is very important that I share the following story first.

You see, for the past few weeks, the M.O.M. has been meticulously planning this event.  She picked out the theme, ordered all of the necessary supplies and found the location.  She bought favor bags, goodies to fill them with and organized a musical play list of age-appropriate music for the day of the party. 

While all of this would have been impressive enough, she took it a step further. 

She designed cardboard lunch boxes for the kids (complete with a crust-less sandwich, a snack, a juice box and a pack of crayons to decorate said box) and even crafted individual super-hero capes for all of the children to take home.  These capes were personalized with each child's initial, cut to size (i.e. 1T, 2T, 3T, etc.) and included velcro fasteners on the neck loops to make sure they fit snugly and comfortably.

The M.O.M. is the sole bread-winner in this house.  She works 40+ hours every week and commutes via the lovely NYC Mass Transit system every single day.  She is also 31 weeks into her pregnancy.  In spite of her busy work schedule and often hectic commute, she would come home, every single night, and prepare some aspect of this party.

I am so often humbled by the compliments I receive in the comments sections about how I am such a great father and how Sippy Cup is lucky to have a dad like me in his life.  While I do agree that I work hard as his dad, it is important that everyone reading this realize something: I pale in comparison to his mother. 

We are a team.  I am the father that I am because she is the mother that she is.  And I shudder to think what my life and my son's life would be like without her in them.

I am 4 years older than the M.O.M.  I outweigh her by 70 pounds.  I even exercise 3 times a week as compared to her 0 times a week.

And yet I still know, without a doubt, that she is stronger than I will ever be.

Thank you, M.O.M.  You made our son's birthday spectacular.

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Anonymous said...

First off. I sniffled. Teared a bit.

And I hope that one day I can become the parents that you are, the couple that you are ;)
Hugs guys!
And M.O.M.....you DO rock!