August 15, 2013

Princess Teacup: Lost In Translation (16-20)

I already have provided our readers with fifteen basic words and phrases to keep them as safe as possible just in case they should ever find themselves alone with my daughter for some absurd reason.

Here are 5 more words and/or phrases to help you survive your time. Do not be fooled by her cuteness. She is a warrior. Tread carefully

"I.T." - Iced Tea; although it may be confusing, she is not asking for technical support for her server or computer network. She is actually asking for a glass of home-made iced tea. This will never be used in a full sentence; it will just be requested, completely at random, and most especially when you are not home. I.E. (while on the train) "Daddy? I.T.?"

"Flip-Flip" - Netflixcontrary to what your instincts may tell you, she is not asking to be flipped in the air. She actually wants to watch a cartoon program on Netflix. Please note: if you mistakenly flip her in the air, be prepared to spend the rest of your day flipping her in the air. I.E. "I want flip-flip Daddy! Flip-flip!"

"Pa-Nino" Padrino a.k.a. Godfather; Princess Teacup loves her Godfather; mostly because he loves her and spoils her but primarily because he takes her to Shake Shack. She loves Shake Shack. I.E. "Where's Pa-Nino? I want Pa-Nino!"

"My Choos!" - My Shoes; she is actually requesting her beloved Crocs. If you have the audacity to bring her another pair of shoes (which are more to her father's sartorial preference), she will attempt to throw said shoes at your face.  Please note: if she is requesting her "choos", she is also requesting to be taken outside. She will not care if it is raining gallons of water or if it is roughly 343 degrees outside. I.E. "I want my choos! I want Pa-Nino!"

"Sanwish" - Unknown; I'm including this one because I have no idea what it means. I think she's saying "Sandwich" but, if you give her a sandwich when she says "Sanwish", she'll just stare at you like you're an idiot. At times, she will come up to me and whisper "Sanwish" into my ear. She'll shake her head while saying it. As I said, I have no idea what it means or how it started. It is frightening. I'm including it in this list in the hopes that you'll help me divine her meaning. I.E. "Sanwish!" (whispering in my ear while I'm trying to take a nap).

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