August 27, 2013

More Than Mommy's Iced Tea

Me (tucking Sippy Cup into bed): "Alright little dude. Have a good night."

Sippy Cup (fluffing his pillow): "Thanks. You too."

Me (leaning over the side rail of his loft bed to kiss his forehead): "I love you champ."

Sippy Cup (smiling): "I love you too Daddy."

Me (tilting my head to the side): "Really?"

Sippy Cup: "Yeah!"

Me (leaning against his loft bed): "How much?"

Sippy Cup (thinking for a few seconds): "I love you a lot Daddy. More than Iced Tea."

Me (laughing): "More than Snapple Iced Tea? Or the really good iced tea that Mommy makes from scratch?"

Sippy Cup (whispering): "More than Mommy's Iced Tea."

Me (leaning over to give him a hug and another kiss): "Good. Because I love you more than Mommy's iced tea too. Good night buddy."

Sippy Cup (snuggling into his pillow): "Good night Daddy."

1 comment:

GeeBee said...

sweetest thing ever! Nice to have this for the future, sometimes kids forget....God bless your family :) :)