August 26, 2013

Justin vs. Justin

(Sippy Cup and the M.O.M. are watching Justin Timberlake's performance 

Sippy Cup (pointing at the screen): "Who is that?"

M.O.M. (in shock): "What?! You don't know who that is? That's Justin Timberlake!"

Sippy Cup: "Oh. Ok. Is Justin Bieber going to sing too?"

M.O.M. (gasping): "Why would you want him to sing? Listen to JT! Do you hear that? He is amazing!"

Sippy Cup: "Right. But is Justin Bieber going to be there?"

M.O.M.: "I don't know. And I don't care. Listen to that man! Do you hear that? That is the voice of an angel! You see that statue they're giving him? That's the best award you can possibly get! And he's getting it! Do you know where Justin Bieber is right now? Not there. That's where he is."

Sippy Cup (after a few seconds of silence): "I don't care about all of those words you're saying. I just want to hear Justin Bieber sing. He's cool."

Me (from the kitchen): "Ha! Suck it JT!"

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