August 5, 2013

Cardio Eating

I recently read a great article on The Good Men Project called "5 Things We Can Learn About How to Eat By Watching Kids".

The advice was sound, logical and simple and you should follow the link to the read the article (but only after you have finished reading mine, duh).

Thinking of this article, I watched Princess Teacup the other day and realized that her preferred method of eating is also a great way of controlling your appetite and managing your weight.

I call it Cardio Eating.

"Cardio Eating" is pretty simple: as you are eating your snack (i.e. apple, banana, Bounty Paper Towel, etc.) you take small bites and then run around the house like a maniac.  When you are done running, you return to your snack and take another few quick bites before resuming your high-intensity running. If while you are running your father (thinking you have finished your snack and just want to play) throws it away, you grab the nearest toy (i.e. Duplo block, rubber pirate sword, die-cast metal Hot Wheels race car, etc.) and promptly threaten him with it.  

It is a surprisingly effective approach to eating.  However, I would advise that you get professional medical clearance before attempting "Cardio Eating".  I tried it once and promptly passed out with cookie crumbs all over my shirt.  The M.O.M. was not amused.

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