June 23, 2010

World Sippy Cup

After watching 6 hours of World Cup coverage every day thus far, here are the

5 Things Lil Sippy Cup and I Have Learned While Watching the World Cup Together

1.  Lil Sippy Cup thinks that Clint Dempsey is related to his father.

2.  Lil Sippy Cup thinks that it is perfectly reasonable and logical to scream "Gooooooooaaaaaaallll!" every single time the ball is touched, regardless of whether a team has scored or not.

3.  Lil Sippy Cup knows how to kick his soccer ball really, really hard.

4.  Mr. Cufflink knows that getting hit in the face with a soccer ball really, really hurts.

5.  Even a 3 year-old, who is prone to moments of unwarranted and incomprehensible noise-making, knows that the vuvuzelas are rather annoying.

Enjoy the rest of the Cup everyone.

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