June 26, 2010


Some of you may remember two of my earlier posts (here and here) where I explained that Lil Sippy Cup does not care whether or not he is sartorially prepared for playground sprinklers when he makes his decision to play in water.

Yesterday, it was roughly 2,000 degrees in New York City.  We decided to celebrate this fact by going to the local playground which features a rather powerful sprinkler system.

This time, I was prepared, with towels and a change of clothes.

This time, we were both dressed for the occasion, with swimming trunks and water shoes.

This time, Lil Sippy Cup decided that he did not want to play in the water.

And just like that, Lil Sippy Cup took my methodical preparation and promptly threw it out the proverbial window.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

I grew up playing in this playground.  Of course, back in the early 90s, there were a lot more jagged pieces of metal sticking out of random corners. 

I prefer this version.

Clearly, my son marches to the beat of a different drummer.
And that drummer goes up slides, not down them.

Playing in the park?  Awesome.
Getting melty-gooey-gum stuck on your sneaker?  Not so much.

One of the advantages of being small is that you can crawl through the jungle gym with minimal difficulty.
One of the disadvantages of being a fully grown adult male is that you will have to chase your son through the jungle gym with incredible difficulty.

In spite of the sprinkler protest, we had an awesome time.

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