May 3, 2013

Morning Routine

My children have a very precise bedtime routine (you can read about the importance of following the specific steps of this routine here).

However, they have an extremely erratic morning routine; since they wake up whenever they see a crack of sunlight streaming through their bedroom window, I can only assume they are following some sort of ancient, pagan, sun-worshiping ritual to start their day.

As an example, here is how I started my day this past Wednesday.

- 6:14 am -

Princess Teacup (from the living room): "Daaeee! Come! Come quick!"

Me (from the comfort of my bed, my voice muffled by the pillow I have used to block my face from the sunlight): "No!"

Princess Teacup (raising her voice): "Daaeee! Peas!  I want T! I want Elmo! Peas?"

Me (my voice rising with each word): "Why don't you children evER SLEEP?!"

- Rapid patter of little feet followed by the boom of the master bedroom door being thrown open and slamming into the wall - 

Princess Teacup (whispered voice full of promised violence, like the rumble of thunder): "Daaeee. T. Now."

Me (rolling away from her voice): "No."

Princess Teacup (running over and promptly slamming the remote on my exposed neck): "Elmo!"

Me (sitting up, rubbing my neck): "What is wrong with you?!"

Princess Teacup (both fists in the air): "Yay! Daaeee up! Up Daaeee! Come! Come! Elmo! Yay!"

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