May 28, 2013

Her Tatoe

Princess Teacup (trying to open the laptop while we're eating dinner)

M.O.M.: "No baby.  You can't play with the computer while we're still eating dinner."

Princess Teacup (pouting and crossing her arms): "I want puter!"

Me: "Mommy said 'no'.  And it's pronounced com-puter.  Here, play with your new Mr. Potato Head!"

Princess Teacup (shoving the toy away): "No! I don't want Tatoe!"

Me (grabbing the toy before she pushes it off the table): "Fine. You're in a nasty little mood." 

Princess Teacup: "Stop it Daaeee! Give me Tatoe! I want my Tatoe!"

Me: "You just said you didn't want it!"

Princess Teacup (grabbing her beloved Mr. Potato Head): "Give me my Tatoe!"

Me: "I swear you do this on purpose."

Princess Teacup (hoisting the toy over her head): "Yay! Tatoe!"

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