November 30, 2012


Good morning.

I, Princess Teacup, hereby decree that no one (including, but not limited to, "The Lady" [also known as Nina], "Papah" [also known as Nino], "Mama, Mama, MAMA!" [also known as the M.O.M.] and "Daaeeee" [also known as Mr. Cufflinks] ) shall ever show any type of love and/or affection to That Guy (also known as Sippy Cup).

I love That Guy.  He's my best friend.  He plays with me and helps me build dinosaurs out of blocks.  He always shares his cookies and cereal with me.  He even keeps the bad guys away when I'm asleep.

However, if you ever hug, hold, kiss, or love That Guy in front of me ever again, I will unleash the most brilliantly coordinated offensive assault you will ever have the unfortunate luck of experiencing.

This is effective immediately.

xoxo (like that lady says it in the show that my Mama likes),
Princess Teacup


Yayo said...

What show???

Griz said...

hahaha, the Princess has spoken!! heed her warning!! i soooo missed this blog :) :)