November 26, 2012

And... here... we... go!

While I tend to keep my nerdery a secret, I have been a fan of Batman and comic books in general since I was Sippy Cup's  age.  While I no longer have comic book storage boxes, boards and bags lying around the house, I will admit that the Comixology app is the only reason I own an iPad.  

Needless to say, I was pretty excited when the awesome folks at BSM Media invited us to host a Mattel Batman Power Attack Toy Party for Sippy Cup and his friends.  As with the Green Lantern toy party we hosted last year (click here), we received no compensation for this party.  However, since it has been 48 hours and Sippy Cup and Princess Tea Cup are still playing with their new toys, I would like to say that "peace and quiet" are priceless forms of indirect compensation.

The new Power Attack action figure line from Mattel did not disappoint.  The Power Attack line is not tied-in with any of the current Batman media, movies or cartoons so it is a great place to bridge the gap between the Imaginext Line of Batman toys (which is geared more towards young, budding fans) and the more adult-focused comic books and movies.  

The action figures were colorful, sturdy, highly-detailed and artfully stylized.  The "Deluxe" versions of the toys also have "action movements"; so, when you squeeze the figures legs, the Joker will swing his hammer and Batman will throw a punch.  This was a HUGE hit with Sippy Cup and his friends as it allowed them to manifest their devious imaginations easily.  The only negative comment the kids had during the course of the party was that it was difficult to place each characters included accessory (i.e. shield, sword, hammer, etc.) into the figure's hand.  In spite of this small difficulty, the kids had a great time and Sippy Cup and I both highly recommend the line of toys.

As always, please follow the jump for photos of the party.

  So imagine you are 5 years old again and you are surprised with this set-up (see below) at home;
how would you react?

     Yeah, me too.

Princess Tea Cup does not believe in gender roles.  
She's an equal-opportunity mayhem maker.

She was eventually distracted by a sunbeam on the floor and 
Sippy Cup was finally able to play in peace.

This was all his doing.  I was proud.

Mr. Cufflink 

Sippy Cup

Princess Tea Cup

We had a blast...

...until Princess Tea Cup started wielding a hammer.

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