September 29, 2010

Big Boy

Earlier this afternoon, Lil Sippy Cup protested the fact that I was attempting to help him get dressed.

The basis for his argument was that, without a doubt, he was a "...big boy now" and didn't need my help to accomplish the task.

I was impressed with his resolve and with the new level of maturity and development he had reached.  I told him that I agreed with him and just sat back to make sure he selected weather-appropriate clothing.

As he was changing into his clothes, Lil Sippy Cup got lost inside of his tee-shirt.  For 3 straight minutes, he fumbled around inside the shirt, grumbling various bad words of his own invention. He eventually found a way to pull his head through one of the arm sleeves and seemed content and impressed with his accomplishment.

In life, when faced with an obstacle, most children will ask for help.  Other children, however, will just pull their heads through tight arm sleeves and turn the problem into a creative fashion statement.

I am not surprised that my son falls into the latter category.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable. Sippy Cups is turning into a big boy regardless if he's squeezing his head through the sleeve.