August 6, 2010


Remember this post?

Here's the proof.

Please lower the volume on your computer speakers, my dear readers, as Lil Sippy Cup was rather animated during the recording session.


Alex said...

The kid has his priorities straight...instead of rallying for a Latino Studies program, he rallies for something important...

Ms. Carozza said...

two things:

My four year old daughter watched this video, completely enamoured (sorry if that is spelled incorrectly). It was endearing, but worrisome as well.

Also, she asked his name.

I think she's in a serious state of "like"

Ms. Carozza said...

2 things:

1. My 4 year old daughter had the most "enamored" (sp?) look in her eyes as she watched this video with me.

2. Then, she asked me your son's name.

.........and so it begins.