December 5, 2011

Stunt Cups

Sippy Cup (riding his scooter at full speed down the hallway and screaming): "AAAHHH!!!"

Me: "Right.  Please stop doing that.  Like, immediately.  Just stop."

Sippy Cup (after achieving maximum velocity, launching himself off of the scooter and doing a barrel roll all while the scooter slams into the front door):

Me: "Yep.  What did I just say?  That is super dangerous.  How did you do that?!  Why would you even think of doing that?!"

Sippy Cup (dusting himself off and picking himself up): "Because I'm a kid.  And it's fun."

Me: "...I honestly don't even know how to respond to that...your logic is air-tight..."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That sounded really awesome, actually....I wish I had a scooter.