December 29, 2011

Ghost of Christmas Past

Sippy Cup is an extremely lucky little boy who is spoiled by his grandparents, relatives and even my next door neighbors.  For Christmas, he received an absurd amount of gifts and (after he had unwrapped all of them) we thought it would be a good idea to store some of the smaller toys to be opened on a rainy, boring weekend. We figured it would be an awesome way to extend the holiday season well into the summer. 

He, on the other hand, thought this was a terrible idea and has spent the past few days sneaking under the couch and into the closet to try and open his remaining gifts.

Me: "Hey, little guy, quick question: who opened the truck that was under the couch?"

Sippy Cup (shocked): "I didn't do it!  Nino did it!"

Me: "Really?  Your grandfather opened up a toy truck to play with it?"

Sippy Cup (nodding): "I told him not to do it.  But he never listens to me."

Me: "Oh wow.  He didn't listen to you?  That's not good.  I'm going to call him and find out why he didn't listen to you."

Sippy Cup (running to grab the phone out of my hand):
"No! No! Wait! Don't call him! Ha! You don't have to call him!"

Me: "Why not?  If you're telling the truth, it won't matter.  He'll explain it to me."

Sippy Cup (jumping up and down): "Look!  I'm exercising!  Where's my sweater?  I think I left it in my room."

Me: "Fantastic attempt at distraction, I must say.  Regardless, I'm calling him."

Sippy Cup (looking over his shoulder and whispering): "No, wait, it was a ghost!"

Me: "A ghost?  A ghost opened your toy truck?"

Sippy Cup (replicating a zombie's lopsided stroll): "Yes!  With his wavy arms!  Ooooh!  Ooooooooooooooh!  Look at my scary, magic, wavy arms!"

Me (sighing): "You want to try this one more time?  Who opened the truck?"

Sippy Cup (looking up at me): "I'm just going to go sit on timeout for a few minutes and think about it."

Me: "Good idea."

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